Monday, December 27, 2004

OK i know it's been awhile but....

What can I say? Work really picked up and the holiday season was a living nightmare...okay so it wasn't THAT bad...but i WAS busy. The image posted below is one that I decided to pick up after a long while. I had it scanned in as line art for awhile but never colored it. So here is the final result of my experiment.

This young lady belongs to the Anti-Gravity Skating League : Team Belle. The skates she is holding work with magnetized spheres. I don't know why she is walking into the ocean...maybe she lost her last race? I'm starting to notice a pattern of having water in my drawings and think maybe I need to break out of it and just do a background on solid ground already. I AM pleased with the way the water looks tho.

I decided to color this in one kind of anime coloring style; bright flat colors and very little blending or soft took less time than doing all that smudging and the results were more clean and sharp.

The logo was an afterthought and I'll probably re-do it later. As it stands the face in the logo is actually composed of Katakana that spells "be-ru" or Belle in english. I decided to give it a distressed, beat up look.

So there....see? I have been doing stuff!

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Whew...tryptophan finally wore off! art to post today.

been getting over too much turkey and a nasty cold to boot. Still going through the sage teachings of the book I mentioned below. I also FINALLY came up with a simple template for the site that will hold my finished and best works of illustration. Nothing fancy...but I figure it wouldn't do good to send a potential employer to a place like this with nothing but experiments.

Also need to get back to and start reading the threads and taking part in daily assignments and critiques. That was a really good piece of advice given to me by a good friend and former co-worker Sean Murray. BE sure to check out his site...his work is awesome.