Saturday, March 14, 2009


I did this during a meeting...YES I was paying attention to what was going on...anyway...I seem to be stuck in a pattern of cute bat winged things. AAUUGGHH...Total sketch time-15 min.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bailey Prince of Darkness

Ok when I lived in Queens and had my dog Bailey with me, there was this guy Alex who I became friends with. Our dogs would play together all the time. One day (cant remember why) he started calling him Bailey-Prince of Darkness. I guess it took since I never forgot it. Here is my chibi version of Bailey Prince of Darkness.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Nappy Natty test

This is a test I did for a one off strip called Nappy Natty the Self Hatin' Hedgehog. After gushing to the 100th friend about this new leave in conditioner I started using, I came up with the idea for this exercise. At one point I joked about how I would freak out if they stopped making it and that I should horde the product as much as possible...what does it mean when one develops such a dependence on hair control? Cant be anything good.
Anyway...i HATE the way this came out. My friend Jason was right...I should have used Illustrator instead of Comics Life...BAH!
Oh well...just an experiment. Next time the layout (and the writing..cant blame software for that) will be better.

Figure drawing + fresh, hot Congee = smiley face

Went figure drawing this morning with a friend at this studio on Spring St. It was fun! It was good to draw from a model again and made me realize that my foreshortening and consistency of line need work. I mostly worked with the water brush set I bought a year ago but almost never used.
Afterward off to Congee Village for Congee and some delicious fried sweet bread...YUMMY!

Monday, March 02, 2009

More Snooker stuff

So here is a sketch I made of the logo. This is like my 2nd or 3rd shot at it and Im still not sure if I should use a font or make my own letters for it. So far Im really happy with the Zombiness of it...but am still a bit under about the biohazard sign. I like to think of it as a little 28 Days Later shout. I might put some sickly veiny things in the Zombie part once I add color. The other is another sketch of Snookers. I need to stop playing around and get a little more focus. This weekend will be Hell work-wise, but I think Id liek to have secondary characters out by the weekend if possible.

a dream

One morning I woke up at the end part of a dream I was having and wrote it down..then later sketched it. The part in question went like this "...As I walked through wild growing vegetation, I came to a clearing and in the center was a small stone fountain. On the fountain were a small group of birds that were a pale blue and had large saucer like eyes that were yellow. sharp teeth protruded for their beaks. From the fountain they were gorging on these red insects with legs that were long, segmented and barbed. When they saw me, they flew at me and then away. When I went over to the fountain and picked one of the bugs up it was growling at me and staring straight out with its one eye. A voice from behind me said it was an evil cellphone..."
And then I woke up. What am I smoking you ask? Not a damn thing!