Monday, March 02, 2009

a dream

One morning I woke up at the end part of a dream I was having and wrote it down..then later sketched it. The part in question went like this "...As I walked through wild growing vegetation, I came to a clearing and in the center was a small stone fountain. On the fountain were a small group of birds that were a pale blue and had large saucer like eyes that were yellow. sharp teeth protruded for their beaks. From the fountain they were gorging on these red insects with legs that were long, segmented and barbed. When they saw me, they flew at me and then away. When I went over to the fountain and picked one of the bugs up it was growling at me and staring straight out with its one eye. A voice from behind me said it was an evil cellphone..."
And then I woke up. What am I smoking you ask? Not a damn thing!

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