Monday, February 23, 2009

swimmin like an alli-gator

So I was swimming laps yesterday afternoon and I was using long flippers whilst keeping my arms at my sides. They (flippers) gave me such a kick that I was able to cruise through the water with speed and keep my head above it the whole time. I was the only one in the pool and it was dead quiet except for watery sounds...there was a mist that came off the skylight and if you looked, all you saw was gray sky and the naked limbs of trees.
So of course (like anyone else) I imagined what it would be like to be an otter or a gator, cruising effortlessly through some swampy channel with only the calls of birds, frogs and the twisted reflections of mangrove roots as company. It was niiiice :}

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ce chapeau, c'est pour Judith

So I'm in french class this evening and as I glance at my watch I have 50 minutes to go. Things actually got fun after that. We were giving imaginary hats to each other.
So this here is the first doodle/sketch of a character I recently created that I like. It's based on the adventures of Snookers the Zombie Turtle and Im thinking of creating a short story that I would then submit here to see if they might like it and want to serialize it.
Since the type of publication is Manga, Im not sure this design really fits, but I also see they are interested in different styles and such so.... I think I might study briefly the anatomy and skeletal structure of turtles so what I draw makes some sense...Im not sure if they have ribs like humans..but WHO CARES right? It's just for fun! Stay tuned for logo designs and maybe more character art. For now I may have to put OvenLand on the back burner but thats ok. Whatever I learn from this exercise, I can apply to that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Streck Beast

I originally created this concept for a contest I saw mentioned on for XSEED games. They were looking to have someone design a monster for their upcoming title Little Kings Story.
I found out so late I only had about half a day what with work and all. This was last Fall btw.
Anyway I was contacted by the fulfillment company
and told my art would be featured in the game but I still do not know in what capacity : P
I tried to make something that looked like it could have split personalities with one side being fierce and growly and the other side being sweet and purry...though I think the 'nice' head looks more like part of the costume still. I enjoyed doing the horns and chest/gut plate. I might go back to it at a later point and give it a more finished look.


Werewolves have always been my favorite movie monster...sorry Alien™. Anyway, here is a particularly nasty one. Pen and ink and design marker.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Strip Post # 4

Ugh...ok this is the last post for now and Im getting really annoyed at the fact that I cant get this shit to align the way I want it. The first image is a top down view of the Oven Land map. The grease that used to splatter off of the stove and oven is the lifeblood of the whole place and was used for everything from food and homes to skin care and luxury items. Grease, fat and heat are 3 things that are of paramount importance.
On the right is a classic multi level dwelling. Comprised of fossilized grease, the smaller pods near the top follow the basic design of stove top burners and have heat coming out of the top all the time.

Strip Post #3

From left to the right: Queen Krumm. She is the loud and domineering Queen of Ovenland. I might actually change this design to of all things...a hairless rat that perpetually have pink little babies hanging off of her front, nursing all the time. Presently, both the Queen and the Guard are Oven Frits...small lizard like beings that thrive off the hot splattery environment.
Next is a Palace Guard. I wanted to make the armor reminiscent of a pot belly stove but Im concerned they may look a bit Shirow - esque.
The last is Snookers the zombie tortoise. Initially, I wanted this and other characters (maybe a hamster) to be the end result of past pets that Lili has owned who for one reason or another escaped and perhaps, died behind the radiator or something. Brought to Oven Land by scouts or guards and re-animated into zombies, these characters perhaps serve as guards themselves or other type of servants. Still up in the air about this one though.

Strip Post # 2

This is the main character. I might change her name but I call her Lili for now. She is in her tween years and stuck at home doing housework during the Summer time. In the process of her cleaning the oven, she discovers a hidden passage that she falls down and ends up taking her to another world that is inhabited by mysterious creatures the likes of which she has never seen.

Ovenland is/was comprised of homes (and a Queendom) occupied by creatures who until recently, thrived off of the grease and crumbs created by the fatty , fried foods Lili's mom used to cook.

Now that mom is trying to live a healthier lifestyle, the creatures in Ovenland dont know what to do. Lili must find a solution so she can get home before becoming their next meal!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strip post # 1

So last year I got on to this other blog where we would all do comic strips and post updates every week or so. I made a start with the best intentions but soon got distracted by life and other assorted crap. Recently I decided to try again..this time in earnest. Ultimately my hope would be to create a book or other such compilation in the end. In the meantime, I figure I would use this blog as a place to post about my endeavors, triumphs and frustrations associated with this process. Its embarrassing to think after all these years I havent focused my efforts enough to have some finished body of work by now, but better late than never I guess. Over the past year Ive read various books and other blogs that talked about best practices as far as creating internet cartoons, but in the end I decided i would get the most out of this process if I simply went at it the way I felt was best, (even if it turned out to not be the most efficient approach. ) and kind of made it my own journey. This is the story of a young girl lost...otherwise known as Malice in Oven Land.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

cyber chicken?

ok I dont know how or why but I've had this image in my head for the last couple of days. Had to get it out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pet Fusion

Yeah I know it's been like 4 years, blah, blah, blah...

Anyhoo, after seeing this clever Photoshop composite of a Hamster and a Pomeranian, I was
inspired to do my own fusion pocket pet. I proudly present...the Pit Ham!!1 Now you too can have portable fierceness for a marginal fee.