Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ce chapeau, c'est pour Judith

So I'm in french class this evening and as I glance at my watch I have 50 minutes to go. Things actually got fun after that. We were giving imaginary hats to each other.
So this here is the first doodle/sketch of a character I recently created that I like. It's based on the adventures of Snookers the Zombie Turtle and Im thinking of creating a short story that I would then submit here to see if they might like it and want to serialize it.
Since the type of publication is Manga, Im not sure this design really fits, but I also see they are interested in different styles and such so.... I think I might study briefly the anatomy and skeletal structure of turtles so what I draw makes some sense...Im not sure if they have ribs like humans..but WHO CARES right? It's just for fun! Stay tuned for logo designs and maybe more character art. For now I may have to put OvenLand on the back burner but thats ok. Whatever I learn from this exercise, I can apply to that.

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