Monday, February 16, 2009

Strip Post #3

From left to the right: Queen Krumm. She is the loud and domineering Queen of Ovenland. I might actually change this design to of all things...a hairless rat that perpetually have pink little babies hanging off of her front, nursing all the time. Presently, both the Queen and the Guard are Oven Frits...small lizard like beings that thrive off the hot splattery environment.
Next is a Palace Guard. I wanted to make the armor reminiscent of a pot belly stove but Im concerned they may look a bit Shirow - esque.
The last is Snookers the zombie tortoise. Initially, I wanted this and other characters (maybe a hamster) to be the end result of past pets that Lili has owned who for one reason or another escaped and perhaps, died behind the radiator or something. Brought to Oven Land by scouts or guards and re-animated into zombies, these characters perhaps serve as guards themselves or other type of servants. Still up in the air about this one though.

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