Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A jaunt in the woods is my latest post.

It's not finished yet as I am stuck in the trees so to speak and having a hard time deciding how to complete rendering them. I finally got tired of always just having a subject matter floating in space (or water for that matter) and decided to shoot for straight terra firma.

The young rider is Kenth and he is aboard his trusted Lorse. Kenth is a messenger and though young for his years has become a messenger in the hopes of one day finding his family in the stratified clumps of family tribes living amongst the war torn tracts of the Jungle Forest. The nasty customer in hot pursuit is a Trell Beast and typically roams the rolling plains of the grasslands that border the Jungle Forest on almost all sides. I'm not sure why he would hunting in this unfamiliar territory...perhaps hunting on the plains was too sparse to sustain him. In any case, by the look of things this may end up being his last attempt at any meal.

I was inspired to mimic the hide of the Lorse from the skin of the dangerously toxic poison frogs of the South American Rain Forest. In the case of the Lorse, in the wild these creatures are also toxic. Raised in capitivity however, they are rendered un-poisonous due to the type of diet they are fed. Perhaps the look of one alone would be enough to deter most predators from taking one on. In captivity, they are also trained in a special martial art that makes them potentially lethal when confronted by foes.

I am most concerned by the value range of this piece, and whether or not the subject matter is adequately set off against the background. The trees have been the strongest sticking point as I am at a loss as to render the details without making them more noticeable than the main subject matter.

...I will continue to work on this piece and hopefully come to a solution as to how to finish off the Jungle Forest background....sigh.

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