Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video Game Character or Comic Book Character

Seeing masks for sale in China Town plus weird feet shoes a friend from work had on plus the encore presentayshe by the winner of the 2009 Miss Pole Dancing Competition inspired me to create this character. A combo pack of grace and lethal sensuality. I could almost see this character being used as a kind of sexy Ninja in a fighting game. Im kinda mad though since the more I look at it the more it resembles the Evil Fox rendition of Priestess Rao from Okami. DAMMIT! Oh well...This is the pencil version which I may ink later tonight. I might lose the braids as I guess it would make it too easy for someone to grab her by one as she's trying to make an escape.

*Note - Im still having trouble getting links to open in a new window so if you go to the pole dancing link please try to remember to come back!

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