Sunday, June 06, 2010

The View from My Apartment

This started out as an another Inky Exercise in perspective. I sketched a street view from the window near my dining area...but I quickly got bored of drawing reality so I reskinned it with more of a fantasy flair. I wanted to take a pic and have a side by side shot people could compare with but it got too dark so I'll do that tomorrow I guess. In the end I think my perspective still needs a LOT of work but its slowly improving. I really enjoyed coloring it and like the whimsical nature of this piece.


Scullybert said...

What is Inky Exercise? A tool, or a technique or both? Are you using your "bare hands" to draw or a software

Gamera3000 said...

Hey Scully,

Inky exercises are the name Ive given to the last two postings I made here. I used that name because they were all done using crowquill pens and ink. Basically, a handle with interchangeable nibs that you dip into ink, that enable me to create lines of varying widths and quality.

I decided I would try to use these instead of digital inking for my mini comic project and see how it turns out.