Saturday, November 20, 2004

Better late than never


This is my second attempt at blogging ever. I started this blog in order to keep record of my attempts at becomming a more accomplished fantasy and sci fi digital illustrator. I'm not sure where this will lead to (maybe going pro!....maybe) In any case, illustrating my own fantasy art is somethign I've thought about doing for a long time but never entertained seriously. Now that I am trying I'm finding that I lack a lot of skill in terms of other components I would like to have present in my work. Compelling environments, convincing trees or water, buildings that dont look as though they were fashioned from Playdough...that kind of thing.

So this blog will also encompass my attempts at growing and expanding as a visual artist as well. For my first ever post I am also posting a detail from a piece that I recently started coloring using a Wacom Pad and Photoshop. I drew the original piece in pencil, then inked it and scanned it in.

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allen said...

Good luck chica! I'm interested to see your smashing creations!