Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It's here!!!

No art for today. But a good thing...I got my copy of Digital Character Art Design and Painting by Don Seegmiller. I found this book online and it seemed the best suited for my nefarious purposes...hihihi. I don't expect to become a world class illustrator from reading this book, but I do appreciate the fact that it's loaded with great info about lighting, color theory, how to best treat scanned sketches, sample textures and brushes (on the CD) and a bevy of other useful information. It's nice to have all that info in one place in a simple, easy to digest format. Nice quality too! I think this book will be a great tool in helping me learn new techniques to enhance the quality of my work.

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Locoleft said...

Okay, now I'm gonna go off because I actually had to sign up fer a blog in order to post a comment here. Now, it seems to me like you are a very talented artist, but like most artists, you are never satisfied with your work or your talents. Your characters look well drawn. You could use some work on hands and color and shading. I think the book will help, but I truly believe your perspective on like and reality needs to change.

For instance, you seem like the type of person who does not like the movie "13th Warrior," or "13 Ghosts," or "Saw." So it's obvious you have some kind of mental block towards good art and film. This may be why you are unsatisfied with your wonderful artwork. I have one very good suggestion for this mental deficiency.

GO! and I mean GO NOW! and seek help from Lefty, who is actually now a current blogger at locoleft.blogspot.com. This highly distinguished gentleman, can provide you with indepth insight into the world of art and film and how to appreciate them. He can show you, for example, how to appreciate horror films that are not all GORE! With this knowledge, you will be able to appreciate not only your work, but the work of other memmorable masterpieces.

Glad to be of service to ya.

Your bud, Sid.

P.S. Don't forget, senor Lefty can be reached at http://locoleft.blogspot.com