Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daily Doodle

So I was in this meeting today and before we really got down to biz, people were talking about what they do to keep bugs out of their know, mosquitos, roaches, etc. One person mentioned that they try to refrain from killing bugs as often as possible and will instead attempt to evict them..aka. ball em up in a napkin and throw em out the!

Another person mentioned how a possum had invaded their LA I was compelled to doodle one with glowy night vision eyes. Then I got to ever notice in documentaries about nocturnal animals, how they always show some lemur or small animal munching away on a hapless bug? And the way theyre scarfing it down always makes it look just nummers!

I dunno..maybe it's just me.

~ ballpoint pen on lined paper - scanned and colored in Photoshop

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