Sunday, June 07, 2009

So I didnt win this one either...but at least I got in

This is another Contest I signed up last year I think. It was to design a creature (or UMA) that would then be modeled and brought into the game Little King's Story for the Wii which should be coming out sometime this week. It's kind of like a cross between The Sims and Harvest Moon and has so far garnered some pretty decent preview/review articles.

Sadly, I didnt place in the contest...but I DID make into the In-Game Monster Museum. No free copy of the game coming in the mail for me though...ppthhhh! Click here to visit the Little King's Story website's UMA page where you can see the other entrants as well as my own...mine is allllllllll the way at the bottom....I was ROBBED I tells ya!!!

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